Throughout my career, I worked extensively in the construction and demolition industries focused on applying safety standards from the following regulatory agencies:

  • OSHA

  • State Occupational Safety and Health Programs

  • US Army Corp of Engineers

  • US Navy (NAVFAC)

Due to the outdated nature and minimal content of most OSHA standards, I also used the following national consensus standards to stay current with industry advances in safety:

  • ANSI - American National Standards Institute

Since 2010, I have served as the national representative for the American Society of Safety Engineers on the ANSI A10 Accredited Standards Committee on Safety in Construction and Demolition Operations.  This committee is responsible for developing, updating, and approving 40+ ANSI construction and demolition safety standards.  As a technical expert, I am relied upon to provide advice to advance the safety of operations ranging from hand demolition to crane operations and multi-employer worksites.  Topics range from construction management, inspection, and training, to fall protection, trenching, confined space entry, scaffolds, shoring, earth moving equipment, and numerous other concerns.  This ANSI committee selects the most important issues and develops standards to guide companies in construction and demolition safety.  ANSI standards are developed through the industry consensus process and are therfore recognized as the standard of care in construction and demolition safety.  I take great pride in my professional service to ANSI and the American Society of Safety Engineers.

  • AASHTO – American Association of State Highway and
Transportation Officials
Temporary traffic control

  • ASME – American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Crane safety

  • ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials

  • AWWA – American Water Works Association
Pipeline safety

  • ITE - Institute of Traffic Engineers
Temporary traffic control

  • MUTCD – Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
Temporary traffic control plans

  • NFPA – National Fire Protection Association
Electric arc-flash arc-blast

Accident Prevention
& Investigation, Inc.